Monday, March 14, 2011

one week

      Well it is Monday March 14th 2011. Where did the last week go??!! My first week of school was AMAZING! we learned about relaxers but have not done one yet, we studied about having the right attitude can make or break a client and that being polite, happy and professional is more important than actually making someone's hair look nice. I choose how happy I am! no one around me is allowed to determine that! We discussed the the different base patterns that can be used when roller setting hair or using a curling iron, and actually got to try these out! LOVE THEM! Today we worked with a few different heads and finished a style by the end of class! I was so proud of my self! I do have a few burn marks on my fingers from tonight but they are so trivial next to all the awesome things that I am learning.

        My favorite thing that has happened so far has to be Phoebe helping me study this afternoon. She is really great at reading. She never gives up on the hard words and she quizzed me on the things that she had just read! She is going to make a great teacher some day!

        I think I finally caught up on all the lost sleep from the weekend of birthday fun, but I am going to have to go to bed right now if I am going to keep it that way! Thanks for the continued support and I will do my best to keep this going!! night everyone!

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