Tuesday, May 24, 2011

been way too long

There is alot for me to catch up on. Tomorrow will be the last day of my 12th week in school!! I LOVE IT!!!

About 3 weeks ago i lost my job.... this was so hard for me to accept casue i love all the members and all my coworkers at the gym. but God had better plans! i am still adjusting to not working during the day. the past few weeks i have felt that i am not worth anything to my family cause i can't bring home a pay check. today i realized that i am not defined by ANY job! I am Julie~ I am Luc's wife~ I am Phoebe and Chloe's mom~ I am Ann and Dewey's daughter... I AM ME!! I still miss all my friends at the gym and tanning salon but dwelling on the fact that i didn't have a job was wearing me down! I have a new found freedom and glory in keep the house clean, and making my new yard look nice! I have also been able to invest my time in working on my school, and spend time at the girls school ( i love to be part of their school as well)

The 14th of may 4 other students and one instructor and i got on a bus and went on a 9 hour trip to Hershey Pennsylvania. This trip was for all the Empire school to come together for fellowship, classes, and competitions~ IT WAS GREAT~~ i have found a new inspiration in this trip! i realized that this is my passion and my joy! i will be able to compete next year but this year i was there to see how things go! i watched from the side lines but next year GAME FACE ON!!! i am excited to say that i will be part of the planning team for next years trip. we will be having all kinds of fund raisers and our school support will take 1st place!

To watch the other school rally together to cheer on fellow students was great! the classes showed me that i CAN do this! i have the ability to do anything i set my mind to and NO PERSON will stop me!! God have shown me my true gift and calling! I will be successful and God is my guide the whole way!

Being able to spend time with my girls and my wonderful husband have made this transition so much easier.

school is going great and i have so much more to talk about but that will have to wait for tomorrow. I did make my first 100 on a hair style last night and i made a the 90-90 hall of fame board at school!! i am pretty dogon proud of this progress and God just keep on keepin on! love you all and thanks for the support!


  1. Okay I had no idea this blog existed until today, but now I am following. :) I'm a little blog crazy anyhow, haha. You best be following mine!!! :) Love you.

  2. your the best mother in the whole wide world DO NOT stop blogging I now you tell me everything but i like to here it in your words